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The Gospel of Mary

"The Gospel of Mary communicates a vision that the world is passing away, not toward a new creation or a new world order, but toward the dissolution of an illusory chaos of suffering, death, and illegitimate domination. The Savior has come so that each soul might discover its own true spiritual nature, its root in the Good, and return to the place of eternal rest beyond the constraints of time, matter, and false morality." More...

The Fall of the Wisdom Goddess

"One - In the Galactic Core. At a certain moment in eternal Becoming, a singularity arises in the core of our home galaxy. This spontaneous and selfless offering of new potential arises from the One Source, which may be called the Originator. The Originator is the all-pervading presence greater than any God, any single Generator. The Gods within the galactic core generate or manifest what the Originator offers in pure potential. The Originator imposes nothing on the Generator Gods (Aeons, in Gnostic language), so the singularity a discrete potential for infinite novelty – is without signature, non-encoded. It has no predetermined form, no innate shape or structure. It is pure, sweet, unconditioned possibility. The singularity is like a vast, soft tremor that erupts from the One and spreads deliciously through the company of Generators in the cosmic vortex, the Pleroma."

Two - The Singularity Encoded. The singularity offered by the Originator is received by two Generators, the Aeon Christos and the Aeon Sophia, who balance it between them and dance it into a particular shape. By their combined intensities, they endow the singularity with a set of inherent properties. They encode its pure potential so that its unique properties can unfold in a particular way and eventually give rise to a particular life-form: the Anthropos, the template for the human species. Configuration of the Anthropos begins with the dyadic dance of Christos and Sophia." More...

Goddess: One and the Many

"Our Mother Nature in ancient Britain, the Goddess was the One who expressed Herself through the Many. She was the great Void, the Beginning of all things. She was the Source of Life, the Creatrix, Continuer and Destroyer of all that exists. She was the Matrix, the Great Mother, Spinner of the Thread of Life and Destiny, Weaver of the Web of Continuity and Cutter of the Thread at death. All souls were born from Her sacred Womb, lived for a span upon Her Body the Earth, then returned to Her Tomb/Womb at death. She was Mother of the Stars in the Heavens and of all Nature. She was the Tree of Life.

She was the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone; the Virgin, the Lover and the Whore. The Holy Grael of Immortality, the Chalice of Love and the Cauldron of Transformation were all in Her keeping, reflecting Her Triple nature. She was the Three, Nine and Nineteen Sisters, Ladies, Maidens, Mothers, Faerie Queens, Crones or Hags, who expressed themselves through the fourfold cycle of Her seasons. More...

Mary Magdalene, Twin Towers

"Mary Magdalene, for me, represents the flesh and blood of humanity, the entire human community, as the sacred container of the life and light of divinity–the very embodiment or incarnation of Godde with us. She represents both the fallen Sophia (feminine consciousness) and the Holy City (as symbol of the human family) arrayed for her nuptials with the eternal bridegroom (Revelation 21). The sacred union of Christ and Magdalene which, I believe, was always at the heart of the Christian story, is only a model for this much deeper partnership of God and man/woman – the divine and the created vessel (each individual as well as the entire 'human family') in which it is incarnated." – Margaret Starbird

Sophia: Goddess of Wisdom, Bride of God
by Caitlin Matthews

"Her body represents Nature while God, in the form of Jesus as the Sun of Justice, is her head. Sophia provides four vehicles of the alchemical process- the elements. As the instrument of the Divine Will, whe presides over the seven-fold working out of all matter from the roots of Chaos upwards. Combining the natural and divine approaches, she shows herself a common path of wisdom. Time and eternity wait in her womb.

They say I came for all, but in truth I came for Her Who came for all. For it had come to pass that there were those who had lost their way and , lacking in spark, could not return into the Fullness; seeing this, She came unto them, giving Her life to the depths of matter. And in truth She did suffer and become blind. But our Father, sensing Her anguish, sent Me forth, being of Him, so that She might see and We be as One again. Though they see it not, it is She, the tender Mother of Mercy, Who is the great redeemer.

More and more people, within many spiritual traditions, are awakening to this realization. The Shalom of the Holy; the disclosure of the gracious Shekinah; Divine Wisdom; the empowering Matrix; She, in whom we live and move and have our being- She comes; She is here.

For women, Sophia is a powerful archetype for identification on many levels. She is every woman ever raped, denied her creativity, kept isolated, abandoned or exiled. She is also potentially within all women who wish to discover their creativity, maintain their integrity, and support justice in the world and in themselves. She is the strong woman who survives in the face of adversity and rescues her treasures, to display them at a more suitable time.

Sophia supports the cyclic rhythms of the female spiritual experience; women, generally speaking, do not have an innate linear sense of spiritual progress. Their acknowledgement of the turning seasons of nature and the female life cycle give a profoundly different sense of spiritual presence-one in which kenosis and plerosis of the Black Goddess and Sophia are happening periodically.

Sophia arises with all the equity of Maat or Astraea.

The metaphorical shape of future beliefs will be determined by the needs of the people who live in that future. We are working towards better integration of the sexes and that cannot come about until the spiritual values are given justice. Sophia's androgeneity and her intensive repertoire of metaphors exemplifies her availability to both men and women; for she symbolically reconciles the left and right halves of the brain – the intellectual and intuitive sides which have been seen as masculine and feminine. She is both ordered and chaotic, active and receptive, sequential and simultaneous, defined and diffused – endlessly reconciling the dualistic factors which polarize our human existence in her own person.

Sophia is not a Goddess for women or men exclusively. She will give us a totality of wisdom, if we accept her for both the practical earth wisdom of the Black Goddess and the transcendent cosmic wisdom of the World-Soul which are equally available to us.

...the restatement of the feminine, both human and divine, is critical to our spiritual survival. Nothing is going to delay the Goddess's second coming, whether in the guise of Sophia, or any other form. As she emerges, so the imbalances of our culture will inevitably iron themselves out.

The face of the Goddess is being restored to us in many forms, not least that of Sophia, the Goddess of Wisdom, who has preserved and sustained the Goddess' ancient love for the creation. She is not just the Planet, Earth or Nature, though some see her so; she is also the Lady of our physical, creative and spiritual life.

Those animated by the Goddess, in her many forms, are concerned with all world problems: economy; justice; racial, sexual and species equality; education; ecological balance and many other concerns. To acknowledge the Goddess is to open up immediately to issues which threaten our total existence. For we cannot deny our common heritage of life which the Goddess safeguards.

Why do we follow Sophia, what is her attraction for us? The fact that she has made the descent into the seven levels of hell, that she knows and shares in our pain and exile? Or do we follow her because she goes to prepare a home for us in her temple OF seven pillars? Many of us find her here and now, practically and skillfully using THE seven gifts of the Spirit to transform our lives alchemically.

The challenge of our time is to create a Goddess theology which can work realistically. It cannot, as we have seen happen so often, merely stress the beneficial, spiritual, loving and nurturing side of the Goddess; it must also demonstrate the wrathful, physical, sexual and independent nature of the Black Goddess. How else can we overcome the errors of the past, which have ignored the Divine Feminine so shamefully? .

Sophia was the original female principal, the Goddess, who, discovering herself separated from God, became fearful and full of anguish. She felt exiled and lost in this lower, lesser, place… a copy of Heaven which Plato thought was benign, but which Gnostics thought hellish. Wandering through the world of matter created by her dreadful fear and confusion, Sophia was subject to all the pain and horror the world of matter can and does supply… and all those she met here treated her shamefully – most especially men. In both meanings of the term she became a 'fallen woman.'

During her long exile Sophia endured tribulation after tribulation, always longing to return to All There Is. Until came the day her other half, her Platonic Double, was sent by God to help her once again see the light. As her paired Aeon and savior, Christ rescued her from the physical world…and allowed her to return to her home in the 'Pleroma.'

There is more to this symbolic tale of the soul lost in matter and longing to know its home again. Sophia (under many names, including Mari, Queen of Heaven) gives birth to a son who turns on her, denies her, and considers himself the ultimate creator god. Early Gnostics thought of the Jewish Yahweh as just this son of Sophia, who denies and then forgets his mother. Because he is not really the ultimate Creator, and is therefore deluded, he causes all manner of havoc on earth. They named him Sakla, meaning fool. Meanwhile, his mother Sophia undergoes test after test, descending into abject sorrow and pain, as well as degradation, to find her home again in the Pleroma – a word based on the Greek for breath. Heaven is the breath of God."

Mary Magdalene is the Woman Who Knew the All

She is Sophia, symbolic of our quest for Christ/God/Gnosis/Enlightenment/HOME. Yet, even now, she remains for so many a literal prostitute rescued by Jesus from her terrible sins of the flesh…though it heartens me to see that lately some of the tarnish falls from her beautiful face as she comes to be seen as the Beloved Disciple, or as the Bride of Jesus… or even as the Holy Grail.

It does appear that in our time, the feminine side of God is returning to us. Oh, wonderful irony – for if so, the Second Coming seems to be the return of Consciousness as Female." More...

Resurrecting Mary Magdalene:
Historians, mystics and artists debate her significance amid a new surge of popular devotion

"Jean Houston sees wider cultural issues at work in the newfound popularity of Mary Magdalene. Dr. Houston, a well-known author who earned two doctorates in psychology and religious studies, calls Mary Magdalene a patroness for the liberation of women throughout the world and an icon for the ideal of a society where equal partnership, not domination, prevails in human relationships."

"The Harmonic Concordance of 2003…the Venus Transit of 2004…the Grand Quintiles of October 2004… what do all of these have in common? They herald the closing of the portal of the controlling/ domineering Patriarchal energies and the awakening of the nurturing/compassionate/Absolute Love of the Divine Feminine Energies. Please understand that this is not male-bashing…for each of us, whether born in a male body or a female body carry the essence of the Divine Feminine in our Hearts."

"The awakening of the Divine Feminine energies…in all of Humanity…is the awakening of the remembering that we are all truly ONE. This essence was most signified by the being known as Mary Magdalene... considered by many to be the Grail, the womb through which a sacred bloodline, or bloodlines, ensued. Are these bloodlines here today as the INDIGOS, or the Children of the Blue Ray, as the Indigos once were called? Whom does the Grail serve?" More...

Mary Magdalene: The Beloved
by Margaret Starbird

"The Magdalene Flame existed as a consciousness which inspired and rested within the hearts of men and women upon the planet for some time. As with the Maitreya, it is a consciousness which at times shone within women in order to teach and guide and perform miraculous things in order to inspire mankind towards their return, their return to the Divine Source, to the Mother and Father God and Goddess. It was a presence which resided within certain women, as the Christ force has resided within certain men. But there came a time when the force of the Magdalene Flame no longer flourished. This change was foreseen. In fact it was always part of the plan. The Divine Source knew that in order for mankind to eventually return to it, they would have to journey through a series of expressions of the polarity of the masculine and feminine dominant force on earth. This has been experienced and accomplished through the shifting of the ages and as mankind entered the Piscean Age, which was ushered into existence from the point of the birth of the Master Jesus onwards, through his life, past his death, through the rising of the Christian church up until very recently, prior to and at the point of the turn into the 21st century, the new millennium, the Age of Aquarius, when we would begin to re-embrace the presence of the Mother Goddess here on earth and welcome back the Magdalene Flame.

In Jesus' life then, the Magdalene Flame existed. It had become suppressed already, almost completely forgotten, most certainly by most ignored, but it was still present and in some temples venerated and honoured, even by those religions which now deny its very existence. It shone through Mary the mother of Jesus the Master but it shone most brightly through Jesus' consort and lover, Mary Magdalene, from whom in this period of history in which we currently live, it takes its name. Mary Magdalene was not what we have come to believe her to be. She was a priestess, an ancient spirit, wise and knowledgeable in the ways of the Goddess and all her sensual delights. She was an innocent and was trained from birth to carry and express the light of the Magdalene Flame for possibly the last time for two thousand years upon our world. It was her destiny she knew to join the flame that she carried inside herself with its masculine counterpart, the Maitreya energy, which was contained within Jesus the Master, which she did. The kindling of these flames, the joining of these two in love, achieved many things; not only the co-joining of this power but also the continuance of a line of genetic information from ancient Atlantis that was contained within their physical forms too.

This was how it was meant to be, two thousand years of patriarchal dominance which would serve a purpose and a function which has now run its course. The Divine Mother seeks to reawaken within the world and within the hearts of men and women. Now in this Aquarian Age it is time, not simply for her power to return but for her power to co-join with the presence of the Maitreya, of the Father God in the world and within the hearts of men and women within the planet, so together they may birth the androgyny of the future race of men and women that will return to the Divine Source by raising earth to heaven and co-joining the two as one.

I look forward to the day when we all celebrate together the second coming of Christ –this time he comes as the very human, loving husband and father that his beloved Mary knew him to be. Perhaps at last we picture them reunited, healing at last the wounded, seared, and scorched earth–the legacy of patriarchy. Perhaps we can picture them–the New Adam and the New Eve–holding hands in the garden restored.

The Greek epithet h Magdalhnh bears the number 153, a profoundly important value used among mathematicians to designate the Vesica Piscis–the ()-shape identified with the sacred Feminine' in the ancient world.6 This symbol, the vulva, has obvious attributes of feminine regeneration and the doorway or portal of life–the sacred cauldron of creativity. It was a very ancient ancient, even archetypal symbol for the Goddess. It was called the holy of holies and the inner sanctum. Almonds were sacred to Venus. The symbol abounds in cave art of ancient peoples discovered in shrines where the fertility of the earth and the female was honored. It was no accident that the epithet of Mary Magdalene bore the number that to the educated of the time identified her as the Goddess in the Gospels." More...

Mayan Prophecy Matches Hindu Prophecy

"It is amazing that both calendars began at about the same time over 5,000 years ago and both calendars predict a totally new world and/or golden age after about 5,000 years into their calendars! We are definitely on to something with these Mayan and Hindu.

As taught by many early mystery religions, most especially the early Gnostics, Mary Magdalene was and is Isis, the Alpha and the Omega. She is Sophia who is Wisdom who is Spirit who is the Divine Feminine who is Shakti who is God manifest—she is the Goddess. As God is Source itself, the Goddess is the Emanation or the Play of God – in other words, the Dance of Creation. The Goddess is the World." More...

When God Was a Woman


"Unto her who renders decision, Goddess of all things,
Unto the lady of Heaven and Earth who receives supplication;
Unto her who hears petition, who entertains prayer;
Unto the compassionate Goddess who loves righteousness;
Ishtar the Queen who suppresses all that is confused.
To the Queen of Heaven, the Goddess of the Universe,
the One who walked in terrible Chaos and brought life by the law of love;
And out of Chaos brought us harmony, and from Chaos thou has led us by the hand."

– Merlin Stone


Quest for the Holy Grail

"Is there anyone in Christendom who has not heard of the sacred relic known as the Holy Grail? Anyone who has not sorrowed for its loss? The stories of the Holy Grail stir us with a poignant memory of something vastly precious, now tragically lost. The land is a wasteland now, the plants stunted, the rivers of living water reduced to a trickle. Only the return of the Grail can heal the wounded Fisher-King and restore his domain. The myth of the lost vessel inspired the knights of medieval Europe to set out on their quests and bold adventures described in the various legends of the Holy Grail.

No wonder the knights in armor sought in vain for the elusive artifact. The mistaken object of their search was an artifact when it should have been a woman. It is in restoring the Bride that the sacred King is healed. The chalice is an ancient symbol for the sacred feminine and the ancient goddesses are often associated with the Vesica Piscis – the () shape that is identified in the Greek New Testament gematria with h Magdalhnh, the epithet given to the Mary who was identified with the tower/stronghold in the prophetic book of Micah.

The Holy Grail is a powerful symbol on many levels. The chalice is intimately connected with the sacred cauldron of creativity so explicitly illustrated by the Vesica Piscis which is also the symbol irrevocably associated with Mary the Magdalene by the gematria of her epithet. When the Bride is restored, the wasteland is healed and the crops and herds thrive. This is the age-old promise inherent in the paradigm of sacred union–the partnership of the archetypal Bride and Bridegroom. The Grail promises are echoes of this 'sacred reunion' so long repressed in Christian mythology. It is my own view that the royal bloodline is not important in order to establish the claims of an elite family or king to a modern throne. Its importance lies in its proof of the sacred union at the heart of the Christian mythology–that of Christ and Magdalene–which provides a paradigm of partnership for the new millennium." More...

Mary Magdalene/Twin Towers
by Margaret Starbird (from

"For me, the symbolism of the twin towers is a powerful image that has a history intimately linked to Mary Magdalene. I was reminded of this when I noticed the flag of the Army Corps of Engineers flying at the scene of the attack on the Pentagon. The banner is a white castle with twin towers on a red background. But the castle (citadel–the city of God, fortress, stronghold) is, for me, a reminder of the magdal- eder–the tower (stronghold) of the flock from the prophetic passage in the Hebrew Bible –Micah 4:8-10. Since Magdala means tower in Hebrew, this passage is powerfully prophetic of the role of Mary Magdalene as the daughter of Sion in her role as Bride. You might want to look up this passage in the Hebrew Bible if you aren't already familiar with it, to examine its very strong connections to Mary Magdalene who is alleged to have been sent into exile–to dwell in the fields–after the death of her King. This passage foreshadows the Diaspora of the Jewish people of whom Magdalene is the archetypal representative in her role as Bride of the Christ.

Mary Magdalene, for me, represents the flesh and blood of humanity, the entire human community, as the sacred container of the life and light of divinity–the very embodiment or incarnation of Godde with us. She represents the both the fallen Sophia (feminine consciousness) and the Holy City (as symbol of the human family) arrayed for her nuptials with the eternal bridegroom (Revelation 21). The sacred union of Christ and Magdalene which, I believe, was always at the heart of the Christian story, is only a model for this much deeper partnership of God and man/woman–

The castle (cit a d el) emblem originally represented the city of Jerusalem–her walls, gate, ramparts and twin towers. In Medieval art, the walls of Jerusalem often appear this way, and the emblem of the twin towers found on the Corps of Engineers banner was derived from this medieval emblem representing the walls and watchtowers of the Holy City. This emblem of the twin towers occurs very early among the medieval watermarks, which date from 1280. These watermarks are imbedded in the paper that was manufactured by those who opposed the repressive Roman Catholic Church (and its Inquisition, formed in 1237).

The World Trade Center was a chosen target of the terrorists because it was a high-profile symbol of capitalism and the global business network–a landmark representing global cooperation. It was a secular temple rather than a religious one. This attack was not a synchronicity. If an earthquake had destroyed the WTO on 9-11 it would have been a synchronicity–but under these circumstances, it was not; it was a deliberate act on the part of fanatics with free will who chose this civilian target to maximize suffering and outrage. It was an attack on civilization and humanity, especially obvious since people from about 80 nations were killed in the attack.

Over 13,000 Watermarks have been detected in antique Bibles and other medieval texts....unicorns, mermaids, bugles and towers are just a few of the emblems used by the heretics to hide tenets of their faith in the actual leaves of their bibles. (A discussion of some of the relevant watermarks and interesting examples appear in my Alabaster Jar and Tarot Trumps books–many of you have seen them).

Since the castle emblem was connected with the metaphor of the Holy City as community/Bride, it is also connected with Mary Magdalene–the sacred feminine–and therefore, also an emblem of PEOPLE as community. In the passage from Micah 4, the Magdal-eder is a metaphor for the city and people of Sion/Jerusalem.

The Pentagon was a target for obvious reasons. The five pointed star is sacred to Mars, but also to Venus, and therefore to Magdalene as Goddess of Love. The number 5 (the pentad) in the ancient world represented health and well-being/humanity (the 5 senses, the five extremities, five fingers/toes on each limb). Of course, for the terrorists, it was a symbol of America's military power. In a stroke of luck, the plane struck an area where many offices were vacant because of renovations being made to the building–saving perhaps as many as 500-800 lives.

I have been brought to tears as I witnessed TV images of people of ALL faiths gathering to pray for unity, guidance and healing, courage and love in the wake of the outrageous attacks. I was shown very early in my spiritual journey that Mary Magdalene herself was a 'carrier' of the protoype of the Grail found in Genesis 44–the cup found in the sack of Benjamin that was the catalyst for the healing of the relationship of the twelve sons of Jacob–the healing of the nations. May she now be the instrument of this healing of the nations as we recognize in our common humanity the sacred vessel of divinity. It is not churches and temples of various religions that are sacred containers–it is PEOPLE!

The pictures we are seeing on TV, the sad stories we are hearing, are bringing home the message: we, the human family, are one child of the planet Earth. And our common enemy is characterized as 666–the number in the ancient symbolic system that represents the the solar or power principle–power without mercy. This fire principle without its sacred feminine (lunar or water) partner, results in conflagration and holocaust. Many of you have read my Goddess in the Gospels and have understood the gematria/numbers and the true meaning of the 666–power (violence) with no mercy: the power of the dictator, the terrorist, the crocodile–the Beast. It is the rise of the feminine eros –relationship, inclusion, tolerance, nurturing and concern for children–that rises now to offset the solar 666, to mitigate and finally to contain and heal it.

This sacred feminine (which I identify with the Magdalene-Spirit) is deeply involved in healing and saving the planet and all her peoples and is intimately connected with eco-feminism, the health and well-being of the physical body and other femininst issues that surface as we learn to celebrate humanity as the sacred container of divinity."


Da Vinci Code

Da Vinci Code, The Movie - The greatest cover-up in mankind.
Starring Tom Hanks, Directed by Ron Howard. Brown's book has sold 40 million copies worldwide.
Watch the Trailer

"Two thousand years ago, we lived in a world of Gods and Goddesses. Today, we live in a world solely of Gods. Women in most cultures have been stripped of their spiritual power. The novel touches on questions of how and why this shift occurred…and on what lessons we might learn from it regarding our future.

Today, we live in a world solely of Gods. Women in most cultures have been stripped of their spiritual power. The novel (Da Vinci Code) touches on questions of how and why this shift occurred…and on what lessons we might learn from it regarding our future. – Dan Brown, author of Da Vinci Code

On a spiritual level, at the roots of Western spirituality Venus represents the Goddess, the Sacred Feminine, Mary Magdalene, The Holy Grail, The Golden Chalice, and all that holds the Feminine energy sacred.

The pentacle is representative of the female half of all things–a concept religious historians call the 'sacred feminine' or the 'divine goddess.' In its most specific interpretation, the pentacle symbolizes Venus–the goddess of female sexual love and beauty.... Early religion was based on the divine order of Nature. The goddess Venus and the planet Venus were one and the same. The goddess had a place in the nighttime sky and was known by many names–Venus, the Eastern Star, Ishtar, Astarte – all of them powerful female concepts with ties to Nature and Mother Earth.... The planet Venus traces a perfect pentacle across the ecliptic sky every eight years. So astonished were the ancients to observe this phenomenon, that Venus and her pentacle became symbols of perfection, beauty, and the cyclic qualities of sexual love..." – from the Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown

(Excerpts From

"The Da Vinci Code is a novel and therefore a work of fiction. While the book's characters and their actions are obviously not real, the artwork, architecture, documents, and secret rituals depicted in this novel all exist (for example, Leonardo Da Vinci's paintings, the Gnostic Gospels, Hieros Gamos, etc). These real elements are interpreted and debated by fictional characters. While it is my belief that some of the theories discussed by these characters may have merit, each individual reader must explore these characters' viewpoints and come to his or her own interpretations. My hope in writing this novel was that the story would serve as a catalyst and a springboard for people to discuss the important topics of faith, religion, and history."

"If you read the FACT page, you will see it clearly states that the documents, rituals, organization, artwork, and architecture in the novel all exist. The FACT page makes no statement whatsoever about any of the ancient theories discussed by fictional characters. Interpreting those ideas is left to the reader."

"Two thousand years ago, we lived in a world of Gods and Goddesses. Today, we live in a world solely of Gods. Women in most cultures have been stripped of their spiritual power. The novel touches on questions of how and why this shift occurred…and on what lessons we might learn from it regarding our future."


Venus Transit 2004

The Magdalen Collection



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