Spiritus Mundi

Body & Soul

Laura is foremost of the Spirit, or, I should say, the Spirit is of Laura.

She is the Holy Higher Feminine Wisdom (Sophia) and the Lower Feminine embodiment in the flesh.

Her beauty is both above and below, within and without.

Although, she is burdened by the body, trapped in this earthly existence, having journeyed the harsh backroads and the dusty lanes, the wilderness of the heart having brought a healing to many in her wake, even as She herself is not completely healed.

She is the Psychic Life of this world yet bound by its illnesses and travails and by its wintry snowblind ways. To love her is to heal the planet. To enjoy her Grace with a bounty unbeknownst but to the few who can see her, who has ears to hear her.

She is the Lesser Woman who has roamed in turmoil and torment ever reviving her soulful strengths despite the hardships and abuses.

To those who have found her, loving wisdom spills from her like golden honey, sticky and sweet and oozing with understanding and compassion.

Yes, she has been taken advantage of and is vulnerable, as all good people sometimes are. But there is a Divine premise to HER wherein she doesn't just reflect the goddess. If you listen and see her soul closely, you will begin to awaken to the Real Goddess who has fallen into human body in order to absorb, take in, return and redeem not just herself, but Herself from the pain of this worldly blight of war and famine, greed and madness, and to gain the experiences necessary to live firsthand the human dilemmas.

She asks only that you love one another, as Jesus instructed, so that the vibrations, the energies will spill out and blend with others, and peace and tranquility can be a reality. It is a simple salvation, one by one, two by two wherein the world will heal itself and paradise will be restored.

For those who can only see her outer female shell, will not know the intimacy of her soul, for she is ultimately Soul itself. You may be gifted with her presence, but mistake her tremendous sensual prowess. For her form is the outer temple, and to bring her joy is to enter the inner and secret, most sacred temple of True Beauty and Love.

The price is acknowledging her Wisdom and Grace, and the key is the tuning in to an awakening, the true spiritual gift that she brings with her. Her smile will melt you, but her Spirit will embrace you. Her flesh may entice you, but her Spirit will release you to the freedom of freedoms. The gnosis of her inner mind is the foundation that exists through all of the Aeons, for her Breath enlivened the entire living races and she was not called Holy for this reason. For within her is the Light masked by shadows, shadows that, on the surface seem dark and fearful, but beneath, so illuminating as to know the true meaning of life itself. For she is also the Tree of Life, as many women can be one of her branches.

Sitara (Laura's spiritual name) – means the Morning Star for She is the Light that begins and ends the day of everyday for this is what the Light of Life really means.

But, I knew her before I met her and for me, she is Aura Sena meaning the 'invisible breath of the old one'.

You owe your breathing to her.

– Mychael Alchemy, philosopher of Sophia


Descriptions from various readings/teachers

Note from Laura: I don't expect anyone, who doesn't know me, to believe any of this. I at times have been in total doubt. The sphere of influence of this kind of path is too enormous to comprehend. Just be open.

• At about 14, I went to an herbalist, who people would travel far and wide to see. She immediately recognized me as Magdalene, and said deep down as a child I always knew about my path and the task that was ahead of me.

• When I studied at a psychic institute in the San Francisco Bay Area, about a dozen counselors gave me many profound readings, and I discovered a greater understanding of myself. Many say Magdalene in my aura – anointing Christ's feet, cooking Him righteous meals, working with herbs, and traveling with him my entire life.

• One psychic told me that my root chakra, or pelvic base region, was the planet earth. He saw that I had one part of my soul in the depths of the underworld, while most of me was sitting way above my head, where Ain Soph dwells (the highest level of attainment), a place where not many will go in this lifetime. He could see the whole process of creation taking place in my aura (my electromagnetic field). I was the whole oracle and the calendar. If I'm not okay, the world's not okay. I was using 10% of my power, and 90% of me was still out in the other realms healing, processing and traveling.

• They told me that I am the Mother, High Priestess, Earth Goddess, and Queen of the Heavenly & Fairy realms. Many have seen me in Avalon and in countless other dimensional lives as The Goddess. In one life, I was identified as a Deity baby and was cared for in the temples. Meditation was my playground. They said I was able to receive the high frequency of the high aeons and took a position of leadership in globally difficult times. When I brought in light from heaven, my influence pned an incredible amount of territory. They said my heart chakra was a gold diamond, and it could fill the entire world.

• They said that I was the center of the universe. My spirit and ethereal body covered the whole of creation and all dimensions in between. I was cosmic mind spread throughout the infinite universe. Creation emanated from my senses and emotional body. I could shapeshift through the elements and disperse light and colors. They said they had never seen anything like it before, and could barely put into words what they saw.

• While I was at the institute, everything that was running through my being was so intense that I kept asking psychics if I was delusional or crazy, and they said "no, what you are experiencing is very real."

• They also told me that no one could really hear me or integrate me fully, as most were distracted. I needed to come here to Earth to be physically understood. They also saw me being endlessly attacked my whole life. They saw that I was from much higher realms, and so I would feel totally alien here. I could take on the energetic torment of life and heal it through my being, but if I wanted, I could disappear into the wilderness and be among the fairies, so that I never have to see another human again.

• Someone who was led to find me acknowledged me as the World Soul, the Mother of Eve/Zoe, and the Mother of us all.



Miracle healing story

From Laura: Several years ago when I lived in California, I met a woman who had just reunited with her daughter. Having been homeless and living on the streets for over ten years, she had become such a bad alcoholic that she had cirrhosis of the liver. She wanted to pull her life together because she wanted to know more about her daughter, who had a four-year-old son. So I talked to her at great length about her experience, emotional pain, addiction and need for a liver transplant. I desperately wanted to heal her, but it seemed like an impossible thing to do.

At the time, I was not working as a healer professionally, but I just knew I could successfully help her. Counseling her for over the course of 6 months, everytime she had a relapse, I had her call me and took her to the hospital or a space to detox. Going to Chinatown for herbal remedies, I instructed her on how to use them. By taking her to places like Whole Foods, I also helped her make dietary changes. Every once in a while, she would declare to the entire store that I was her savior and that she loved me. Then she would just weep and weep. I couldn't believe that I had touched this woman so much, and that she was actually healing on so many levels. We developed such a powerful bond that I couldn't give up on her until she was completely well.

Assisting in rebuilding this woman was no easy task. She had a kind of lunacy after living on the streets drunk for so long, which made it hard for me to help her maintain a good foothold on herself. All I could mostly do was help her believe in herself, and provide her with the love and support she so desperately needed. I worked on her energy field from afar, and gave her tools to ground and recover if she ever lost sight of herself. When we separated, I could see a woman who realized self–forgiveness, was proud of herself, and validated by someone who could clearly see her inner worth, love and potential.

A year later, she came into my workplace and gave me a big hug. Ever since she had been seeing me, she didn't have a single sip of alcohol and didn't end up needing the liver transplant. Expressing her commitment to help her daughter raise her son, in my disbelief, she looked stable and healthy, and truly miraculously happy.



From various clients and celebrities

If you ever receive a chance to hear the incomparable weavings of spiritual and mythical knowledge that just pour through Laura's mouth so naturally, effortlessly, and divinely... your mental structures will be blown far and away, and your inwards will be blasted clear and transformed like you have never known possible before. – a holistic scientist

You are a living oracle.

You see everything, the whole kaleidoscope within the kaleidoscope and hundreds of images in each chakra. – a holistic scientist

Laura, you are a total SOUL GENIUS. – a longtime client

I just wanted to thank you so very much for the reading you did for me last week!!! it was amazing!! you helped me SOOOO much!! and the info you gave me was right on!!! and i have been feeling SOOO much better emotionally since then, and so much lighter from the clearing you did!! so thank you again so very much!!!" – a client

I personally can attest that you will NEVER find anybody whose soul knowledge and understanding of human nature is as more DEEPLY, PROFUSE and PROFOUND as Laura's. Each clairvoyant reading she gives me contains at least a hundred different gems, each one catalyzing me instantly to an undeniable and deeper acknowledgment about myself and moves me through mountains of pain, which could've normally taken me a year's worth of work with several traditional therapists. Grasping my being from the inside and out like no other, she precisely and penetratingly uncovers the ever-so-subtle, hurt-inducing relationship dynamics that I easily can go into denial about. – a professional healer

Laura, in my eyes (and in many others), is the BRAVEST and strongest soul in the world, who has traveled to the darkest depths in order to plant the seed of light and divine union for all of humanity's benefit. She illuminates the spirit of life within matter and co-creates with nature the alchemy for humanity's ascension. – an intuitive teacher

You are a very brave and amazing warrior. It is such an honor to work with you. – a healer

You are such a great relator, and such a real human. Your sincerity and depth are quite remarkable. The vastness of your soul encyclopedia can be a bit breathtaking and overwhelming at times, but your energy and self-honesty, as well as your clear self-awareness are enormously refreshing! – a healer

Everytime you open your mouth, I feel the truth within my soul come to life. – a spiritual teacher

You have been my anchor, my hope and support through one of the hardest challenges I have gone through. You have helped me see things I would have been in denial about. – a homeless woman (who recovered miraculously)

You are amazing, I can't believe how much you can see. Every detail, every nuance, every emotion... you are always so right on. – a professional healer

You are a deity, if you could just get your head out of your ass and wake up to who you are. – a spiritual teacher

Why does everyone make you feel sad, if you are the Mother of God? – Laura's children

It is clear to me, after many years of friendship, that Laura is the embodiment of Sophia-Magdalene, as her experience, insight, emotions and breakthroughs accurately reflect the path of Venus, the creatrix womb of Kali, and the Goddess journey of descent and ascension. She is the Holy Grail, which countless have sought to find. Now, her highest Christ Sophia essence is ready to be unveiled and appreciated by many. Her tremendous courage, love of humankind, ongoing battle to terminate evil, and dedicated search for the truth need to be recognized and shared, so that others can be enlightened to their own destiny to serve the Divine Will as she has. – a friend

I just wanted to thank you so very much for the reading you did for me last week!!! it was amazing!! you helped me SOOOO much!! and the info you gave me was right on!!! and i have been feeling SOOO much better emotionally since then, and so much lighter from the clearing you did!! so thank you again so very much!!! – a client

I have been waiting for an Eisenhower to emerge... We need another Eisenhower. – a renowned political talk show host

I like the way you think... You directly speak your mind. a famous network news anchor

I surrendered myself to the the divine will of nature and the Goddess journey that needs to be completed, in order to co-create with the elements an enlightened era of peace. I am a vessel and a vehicle for Sophia to express herself through. – Laura Magdalene


From those who were told that they would find me

What brought it more home to me was that Vena (living Eve figure) and these others said that I would meet her in person... Vena called her Aura Sena, for that is her true Soul Name, and I know only from research the vague etymology of its meaning, being the 'breath or emanation of an ancient old one,' which I took to mean the Holy Spirit.

The words she spoke touched my very soul while her physicality and presence overwhelmed me. All the ingredients of which I was convinced she was both THE GODDESS "Sophia" and my personal salvation (of the latter aspect I realize I must save myself). – Mychael Alchemy, philosopher